Glass and Profile Handling Equipment

Our products include a varied range of glass and profile handling equipment ranging from stillages, racks and tables to specialised optimisation trolleys which are all produced from CAD drawings. All products are made to order from our customer’s specifications and include bespoke items on request. All items are also painted to a high quality finish with many colour options available.

Bespoke Glass Handling Equipment

AWT operate from a 4,000 square foot factory based in Radcliffe, Bury and produce over 50 products a week. We have a dedicated team who are professional within the trade and adhere to a strict quality control policy. If you require any further assistance, advice, lead times or prices then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Glass Handling

glass handling stillages

The optimisation trolley holds 60 pieces of glass each slot is 10mm ideal for glass picking. Optimisation trolleys speed up production and minimize costly remakes due to scratches.

Production Racks - Profile/Glass

Glass rack profile handling

Range includes: Whip Rack, Glass Stacking Racks, Door Stillage, Double Sided Storage Racks, Pattern Glass Rack, Glass Stacking Racks and Polycarbonate Racks. Click on the blue button below to see the full range

Profile Handling

cut profile trolley

Our Profile Handling range includrs: Cut Profile Trolleys, Conservatory Trolleys, Double Sided Storage Racks, Gearing Benches and Reinforcing Trolleys. Click on the blue button below to see the full range

Bespoke - Made to Specification

glass handling equipment manufacturer

We can quickly turnaround high quality bespoke glass handling equipment to your design and specification. Contact our team today for more information. See some examples of our previous bespoke glass transport and storage solutions.

Glass handling Various Products

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